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Friday, April 29, 2005

The (Dreaded) Ten Commandents

I will make this as short and to the point as I can....
The Ten Commnadents make their appperance in 2 major places in the Bible. First in Exodus 20: 1-17, secondly in Matthew 5:17-7:28. (there are other instances, these 2 shall be discussed here)

The first instance of the Ten Commnandents was given by God to Moses and then, thru Him to the Israelis. This was a distillation of the perfection of GOD. GOD never meant for His people to be able to follow these laws. If you doubt this, go to Lev. and Deut. and read the rest of the laws God declared. The laws were a representation of HIS perfect holiness. Do any of us know of a man or woman who has obeyed Gods laws perfectly ? NO !

Let's move to the NT. The New Testament is another way to say "New Will" (as in "I left all my belongings in my will to my daughter"). When there is a new will, what happens ? (under the law) to the old will). It is null and void, it no longer has power. In Matthew chapters 5 - 7, Jesus explains and EXPANDS on the Law of GOD. For instance, He not only says adultery is wrong, He says THINKING about adultery is the SAME THING ! Whaaaat ? He says not only is murder wrong but THINKING your neighbor as a "Racha" or Fool is the SAME as Murder. Surely Jesus is mistaken (or mad)....or GOD ! The LAW of God does not/cannot make us acceptable to God, it is POWERELESS to do so becasue of US, US, US. The Law of God makes us aware we need outside help, complete and utter rescue. We are like Peter, who started to walk on the water, then started to sink, "LORD, he cried out, save me" ! And Jesus did reach out and save him. He (Jesus) will do the same for You today. He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives today !

Here is the question that will determine where you spend all eternity. Do you trust your own obedience to some set of laws (whatever they may be...and they may be admirable) or...are you willing to throw yourself at the feet of the Saviour and accept the Blood He shed for YOU at Calvary as your righteouness, the final payment for our rebellion against our Creator. He will do this for YOU Today.

He Lives, He Lives, Christ Jesus lives Today......

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Hearing Your Friend

I have come to a point in life where i know that God is my Friend. He is no longer my Judge. Here "Wayne Monbleau" says, better than I could ever say, what I know.

Chapter 3 of Wayne's book, Friendship With God

“If there is one voice you can look forward to hearing, it’s the voice of your Friend.”

Do you want to hear God’s voice? Do you think this is important, or do you think you can manage without it? I hope you do want to hear His voice, for Jesus said, in the 10th chapter of the Gospel of John, “My sheep hear My voice” (verse 27). What does this mean? In what way can you hear His voice? If you are not seeing God as your friend, then chances are you will have a very difficult time hearing His voice.

You have an image of God. Somewhere inside of you there is a mental concept of what God is like. If He is not your friend, then He must be something else to you. Perhaps you view Him as the hard taskmaster who is just waiting to let you have it the first time you slip up. Obviously, if that’s your picture of God, you won’t be eager to hear from Him.

Or maybe you see Him as your Savior, but as a rather disinterested Savior Who really doesn’t care that much about you in a personal way. Once again, if that’s your concept of God, you will probably have difficulty hearing His voice because you will not believe He would take the time to talk to you in the first place. The basic point I’m making is this; if there isn’t a healthy relationship and understanding between you and God, then communication is going to be a problem.

But think of this for a moment. What a joy it is for you to talk with your best friend. You’re always glad to hear that voice because you know love, acceptance, and genuine affection will be expressed to you. You don’t have to worry about being put down or criticized. It’s good to hear your best friend’s voice, isn’t it? Think now of the possibilities in your life if you will allow God to be your Best Friend, and if you will accept the fact that He thinks of you as His friend.

Can you see that how you look at God determines the type of communication you will have with Him? In developing your friendship with God, hearing His voice will become the delight of your heart.

Back now to John 10:27, “My sheep hear My voice.” How could you, as one of His sheep, hear His voice? I believe the answer is found in the Book of Hebrews. Three times in the space of two chapters, the author of this epistle quotes the same Scripture.
Originally from the ninety-fifth Psalm, the text says, “Today if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts” (Hebrews 3:7 & 15, 4:7 King James).

If you truly want to hear God’s voice, you must first believe you can hear His voice. If you refuse to believe this, then you would be, essentially, “hardening your heart.”

In this section of Hebrews, chapters 3 and 4, the author was speaking about entering into the rest of the Lord. Using the nation of Israel as an example, he wrote about what happens when God’s people refuse to believe Him. In Israel’s case, they refused to believe God had given them the promised land. So they said, “We’re not going in there.” God’s reply was, “all right, you won’t go in. As a matter of fact, you will never enter.” And that ushered in 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.

This is what I am saying regarding your friendship with God. If you say, “It can’t be true. I’m not God’s friend, not little old me. Only a special group of Christians who are stronger than I can be God’s friend.” Then, sure enough, if that’s your frame of mind, you probably never will realize Christ as your friend. Unbelief will harden your heart, and you won’t be able to hear God’s voice.

How can you hear God’s voice? By accepting the truth of Scripture in a personal way. Unfortunately, many Christians have gotten into the habit of reading the Bible much like they would read any other book. The words are there, but they remain distant and impersonal. They’re not allowing the Word to become flesh. It’s only when you believe God’s Word in a personal way that you are letting yourself hear His voice.

It is crucial for you to hear God’s voice. Back in the 10th chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus said, referring to Himself as our Good Shepherd, “The sheep follow him because they know his voice.” (verse 4). The point Jesus made here is that our ability to follow Him depends upon our knowing His voice. Without that we won’t know how to follow Him.

And in the 3rd verse of the same chapter, He said, “The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name, and leads them out.” Two important truths are expressed here. The first is that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, calls His own sheep by name. Now, that’s personal. Do you know and accept that our Savior calls you by name? You mean something to Him. He knows you and looks upon you as an individual; an individual friend. A one-to-one relationship is what is being spoken of in this verse. The second point is the phrase, ‘he leads them out.” By being willing to hear God’s voice, you will be giving Jesus an opportunity to lead you.

Do you want to be led of the Lord? Do you want to be able to follow Him? Do you want to have a personal relationship with Him? These Scriptures say you can have all this just by hearing His voice. And, once again, you can hear His voice simply by believing what His Word says. I’m speaking of belief in a personal way, not belief in a merely historical way.

“Today if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” By receiving the truth of God’s Word as being for yourself, personally, you will be hearing God’s voice.

from: www.lovinggrace.org

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Condeleeza Rice for President 2008

I am completely serious about Dr. Rice for President. The following is copied from: http://www.whitehouse.gov/nsc/ricebio.html

Dr. Condoleezza Rice became the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, commonly referred to as the National Security Advisor, on January 22, 2001.

In June 1999, she completed a six year tenure as Stanford University 's Provost, during which she was the institution's chief budget and academic officer. As Provost she was responsible for a $1.5 billion annual budget and the academic program involving 1,400 faculty members and 14,000 students.

As professor of political science, Dr. Rice has been on the Stanford faculty since 1981 and has won two of the highest teaching honors -- the 1984 Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 1993 School of Humanities and Sciences Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching.

At Stanford, she has been a member of the Center for International Security and Arms Control, a Senior Fellow of the Institute for International Studies, and a Fellow (by courtesy) of the Hoover Institution. Her books include Germany Unified and Europe Transformed (1995) with Philip Zelikow, The Gorbachev Era (1986) with Alexander Dallin, and Uncertain Allegiance: The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army (1984). She also has written numerous articles on Soviet and East European foreign and defense policy, and has addressed audiences in settings ranging from the U.S. Ambassador's Residence in Moscow to the Commonwealth Club to the 1992 and 2000 Republican National Conventions.

From 1989 through March 1991, the period of German reunification and the final days of the Soviet Union, she served in the Bush Administration as Director, and then Senior Director, of Soviet and East European Affairs in the National Security Council, and a Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. In 1986, while an international affairs fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, she served as Special Assistant to the Director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In 1997, she served on the Federal Advisory Committee on Gender -- Integrated Training in the Military.

She was a member of the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and many others.

Born November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, she earned her bachelor's degree in political science, cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, from the University of Denver in 1974; her master's from the University of Notre Dame in 1975; and her Ph.D. from the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver in 1981. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been awarded honorary doctorates from Morehouse College in 1991, the University of Alabama in 1994, the University of Notre Dame in 1995, the National Defense University in 2002, the Mississippi College School of Law in 2003, the University of Louisville and Michigan State University in 2004. She resides in Washington, D.C.

end quote

And I think she's HOT ! AND, She has a Chevron Super Tanker named after her and plays the cello well enough to have appeared on stage with Yo-Yo Ma. She would DESTROY Hillary in an election.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Donovans Loss

There is always next year, BUT, McNabb lost this game, clear and simple. TO had an awesome game, noone expected him to play so well. The rest of the team played good, but McNabb had a terrible day. Congrats to the Patriots and Tom Brady for a winning effort.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

If Jesus were here today, He probably wouldnt be a Christian

Chapter 1 - If Jesus Lived Today (He Probably Wouldn't Be a Christian)

If Jesus lived today, He probably wouldn't be a Christian. Oh, He would be in His own eyes, but chances are not many churches would accept Him. The conservative evangelicals wouldn't want Him. You see, Jesus had a very bad reputation in His day. He was called, "a glutton and a wine-bibber" and "a friend of publicans and sinners."

Did you know that Jesus' very first miracle was to make one hundred and eighty gallons of wine at a wedding party. Hardly the type of person you would want to found a religion upon!

Not only that, but He made it when everybody was already drunk. As if this were not bad enough, He also had a traveling entourage of women who followed Him around. I can just see Jesus being severely rebuked by Christians today for not "abstaining from the appearances of evil." On top of this, Jesus had long hair, a beard, and no job.

This sounds like the type of person most fundamentalists would write off as a "hopeless case." The charismatics and pentecostals wouldn't want Jesus either. They would dismiss Him right away because He didn't speak in tongues, which they claim is the evidence of being filled with the Spirit of God. They probably wouldn't be too thrilled with His dress code and friends either, like the prostitutes and the extortionists He seemed to be fond of hanging around with.

Those who claim you need to be baptized in order to be saved wouldn't accept Jesus. He wasn't baptized until He had already been a believer for thirty years! The liberals wouldn't want Jesus. His insistence upon being born again and repenting of sins would be a little too far to the right for most of them. Jesus wasn't the type of person to get involved in political causes either.

Once, when He was challenged about the poor, He simply responded by saying, "The poor you will have with you always." The social gospel did not seem to be foremost in Jesus' mind. It is true that He Himself was poor, but He just thought there were more pressing needs than poverty, such as the spiritual poverty all men are born with.

Jesus would probably be considered a real fruitcake by the liberals because He actually believed in a literal interpretation of His miracles. He also went around healing people and casting out demons; not a very sanitary practice for our more refined denominations.

The "name-it-and-claim it wealth-health-prosperity" Christians wouldn't want Jesus. He wouldn't be spiritual enough for them. Not only was He not wealthy, but He actually encouraged others to give up their riches to follow Him.

He also told His disciples that they would have to suffer if they were committed to Him. He healed people who didn't seem to have any belief at all (John 5 as an example) and He didn't seem too interested in using the faith formulas that people claim you must confess in order to get God to do something for you.

Yes, Jesus would have infuriated these people with His simple words that the whole Gospel could be summed up in the words, "Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself."

If Jesus lived today He probably wouldn't be a Christian if Christianity were defined by today's beliefs and standards. He would probably look at what we have done with His simple words and shake His head in frustration that we could screw things up so much.

The Church has been so busy throughout the centuries trying to get its doctrine straight that it has forgotten to be wholly consumed with loving God and loving man. Not loving God in the superficial "Sunday-go-to-meeting" sense, but having a true love affair with the Creator in which your entire being is bathed in His loving forgiveness. Not loving man in the conditional "I'll love you when you dean up your act and believe like I do" hypocrisy, but a real transparent unconditional "love-you-as-you-are" love.

George Bernard Shaw once said, "There's nothing wrong with Christianity. It just hasn't been tried yet!" The point he was making was that if we would simply let God love us and let His love transform us, and then if we would love God and man in the same way God loves us, we would then be tapped into a force that would change the entire world. As a matter of fact, isn't that what happened in the first century? What would Jesus be like today if He walked the earth?

Well, He never seemed to be too interested in labels so there would be no name we could tag on Him. He would probably be today the same as He was then; the Messiah from God who came, without fanfare, seeking out people who were hurting, lonely, sick and fed up with the religious system.

He probably wouldn't care about people's opinions of Him. He would just go on with His loving business of "preaching the Gospel to the poor, proclaiming release to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, setting free those who are downtrodden, and proclaiming the favorable year of the Lord."

Maybe we would all do well to get to know this Jesus. Perhaps we, too, have formed opinions about God which aren't necessarily true. Maybe Jesus never intended to be fully defined and put into a theological box. Maybe He wants to be personally experienced and known at the gut level of everyday living. Maybe He's not the prudish uptight hard-lined judge, or the prissy meek and mild sourpuss, or the socialist communist, or the flag waving patriot, or the hundred other things everyone has said He is.

Perhaps He just is who He is and maybe that's the way we should get to know Him. It might be at the personal level that we will at last find the true Jesus. Jesus may not be interested in joining your church or in supporting all of your doctrines and beliefs, but He is very much interested in you and will come to any heart that is truly open to Him.

His word then is still His word today, "Behold I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door; I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with Me." Isn't this Jesus worth knowing?

excerpt from Wayne Monbleau book "Living in Love (Ch 1)

Sunday, January 23, 2005


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Thursday, January 20, 2005

OH Deer !

Now, i am no bleeding heart liberal or anything (apologies to Libs whose hearts are not presently puntured) but, I live in an area that has lots of deer. There is a 20 acre cornfield adjacent to the rear of my property. In it live 6 deer, 3 does, 2 fawns and a buck.
3 days ago i noticed the buck is limping, he cannot use his right rear leg. I am concerned that he will not be able to survive the winter like this and am thinking about calling the local ranger. i am sure they would put him down (kill him) which i dont want, but perhaps it the best thing. Anyway, i am asking for peoples opinion as to what i should do. Thanks,

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